The International Film Biennial Biennial – BIS is the newest achievement of F64 Filmes, a film producer based in Goiânia, Goiás. Herdeira and one of the fruits of Cineclube Antônio das Mortes, created in 1977, present in exhibitions, debates and independent productions , F64 Films was born in 2013 on the initiative of Belém de Oliveira, Wadih Elkadi and Victor Arantes to develop audiovisual projects of political and aesthetic strength aimed at the national and international market.

In the quest for artistic excellence is technical, the producer develops and realizes all its projects with diverse partnerships – regional, national or international. In this way, national and international co-production is the strategic north of its performance. At the Bienal Internacional de Cinema Sonoro, the artistic and productive strength of our partners is present and without which it would not be realized.

Among the projects carried out by F64 Films, we highlight works for cinema, television, feature films, short films, shows, debates and now the BIS.

The Bienal was born with the aim of revealing works of singular quality in the cinema sound area in order to contribute to the evolution of sound language in the cinematographic arts, and to stimulate the development of studies and new creative works from the point of view of sound language.

In addition, the BIS aims to help in the training of future sound professionals by offering workshops and master classes, as well as broadening the discussions, exchange and friendship relationships between future professionals and those already established in the market through debates, meetings and lectures .